Usage Guide

Before using the Planner, read the following items to help make your sightseeing trip safe and enjoyable.

Routes included in the Planner

The routes included in the Planner are all routes nationwide covered by JR, private railways, subways, and airplanes. The Planner covers approximately 9,000 stations and airports and approximately 500 routes. However, information for some streetcar and cable car routes are not included. All flights nationwide are included for airplanes, except those that take off from or land on an island (flights taking off or landing in Naha are included, however).

Cautionary points for programs and data

Though we exert the utmost care in striving for accuracy in programs and data for route changing information, we do not totally guarantee the completeness of information results and data. The route changing information is provided using 10:00 am on a weekday, Japan time, as a basis. Also, the total required time is calculated as: the total route changing time between routes + average required time between departure and arrival station and average time from arrival station to final destination. Also, though the nearest station is displayed after a search, please be aware that sometimes using other transportation such as a bus from a different location is a smoother option for arriving at the destination.


Some information results for the Planner include streetcar routes. The travel times for streetcar routes vary greatly according to street conditions. Please be very careful of timing when using streetcars.


The route fares (transport and plane tickets) are calculated based on Traveler Fare Charts and standard airplane ticket prices released by each transport and airplane company. Fares are given based on the monetary amount paid when purchasing a ticket. The fares listed are as accurate as possible, but please be aware that some fare listings are in the process of updating to take into account special discounts and discounts due to route sharing among different companies. Make sure to check the actual fare at ticket counters in stations and airports before purchasing.

Travel time and route changing time

The travel times between platforms and stations are based on the time it takes an average male in his thirties to walk during the day. However, this does not guarantee route changing from the farthest distance along the route change pathway.

Map Data

Information owned by INCREMENT P CORPORATION is used for the map data provided through the Planner. The various kinds of information included in this system (displayed information) may differ from actual information in some cases.